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Hockey arena, HVAC documentation

Опубликовано: 29.04.2022

Object characteristics

Full title: SKA Arena

Location: St. Petersburg

Purpose: sports and concert complex

Capacity: 21,500 (hockey), 23,000(concerts)

Project Objective

Issue documentation for precise ordering of ventilation system components

Establish rapid automated release of documentation

Tasks solved in the course of work

• Setting Up Axonometric Views

• Automatic splitting of air ducts into segments

• Automatic numbering of air outlets

• Automatic detection of element type, metal thickness and connection type based on element geometry

• Automatic element naming based on type and parameters

• Automatic receipt of the finished order form as a Revit specification

• Automatically receive ready-made summary specifications as Revit specifications

Project results

The release of documentation was arranged. Automation increased productivity by 3-6 times compared to the manual method. It also became possible to receive specifications for any part of the system, which helped in the release of as-built documentation.

Scheme of the ventilation system
Sample order forms
Summary specification
HVAC Revit model
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