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BIM management

Опубликовано: 14.11.2021

In addition to the work directly related to the design, there are many tasks for organizing the BIM process: deploying a common data environment, writing regulations.

Also, the work of a BIM manager includes training employees and assistance in conducting a pilot project: developing a library of families, setting up a template, etc. And assembly and coordination of summary models in Navisworks, Solibri allows for intelligent checks.⠀

An important point is the automation of routine processes using macros, for example, filling in parameters, compiling complex specifications, balancing elements of engineering systems.⠀

Below are elements from the work of our BIM managers.

  • Shared Common Data Environment (CDE), Deploying a shared data environment on a customer’s server for collaboration in a Revit environment. Providing access to Revit-Server for all project participants.
  • Shared Common Data Environment on BIM360 cloud service
  • Writing regulations for working in the CDE, creating and describing the folder structure, assigning access rights to folders and files
  • Writing documents regulating the implementation of a BIM project, training employees to write and compile such documents. Conducting an audit of the company, identifying the general principles of project management, information exchange within the company, determining organizational roles and functions, project departments and groups. Based on the audit, a detailed BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is drawn up, on the basis of which the project will be carried out. This document sets out the rules for the common data environment; access rights; rules for naming project files; basic requirements for the content of the information model, the structure of its division; model coordination requirements; interaction of project participants; ways of issuing tasks; procedure for issuing documentation; naming rules for information model content; level of detail requirements.
  • Training of company employees in the basics of designing in Revit, Navisworks software. Full consulting of employees throughout the tight project, by recording training videos on issues of interest, conducting consultations
  • Assistance in conducting a pilot project. Assistance in developing families and customizing families for a company template, developing a library of families
  • Training employees to create families of varying complexity: parameterization, nested families, use of selection tables, etc.
  • Pilot project coordination. Assembly of summary models in Navisworks, Solibri. Creation of reports on intersections in the form of tables, viewpoints. Unloading collisions through BCF Manager with the ability to further work with the report directly in Revit.
  • Conducting smart checks in Solibri, unloading volumes from the summary model.
  • Automate routine tasks with Dynamo and macros for Revit.

Example 1: ISO HVAC specification. The macro transfers parameters from elements of different categories to general parameters, whereby a multi-category specification is created. It is possible to refine the Autodesk macro for any purpose of the customer, as well as for any template and for any Shared Parameter Files.

Example 2. Preparing a model for examination. The script fills in the parameters necessary for the examination in all elements of the model according to the specified algorithms.

Example 3. Automatic filling of flow rates in air distributors from the table of air exchanges. The script determines in which room the diffuser is located, the number of supply and exhaust diffusers, takes the air exchange value from the table and distributes it to all diffusers in the given room.

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