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Конкурс “Ресурс переферии”

Опубликовано: 27.10.2021

Competitive design area: part of the residential area of the Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg and the adjacent coastal area of the Okhta River.

The total area of the design area is about 602 hectares.

The purpose of the competition is to receive proposals for improving the quality of the environment in residential areas built according to standard projects in the Soviet period using the natural, historical, cultural, social and territorial resources of the territory.

The participants will have to create a concept of a system of public spaces, a communication framework that combines intra-microdistrict residential spaces with objects of attraction for pedestrian and bicycle routes, including landscaping, lighting, proposals for the placement and design of temporary structures and small architectural forms.

The competition program includes the results of a sociological survey of residents of the area, conducted jointly with the Quality of Life Laboratory of the Institute of Design and Urbanism of ITMO University.

In this competition, we considered the creation of a concept of public space in the Zhernovka estate and within the selected microdistrict, based on information about the movements and preferences of residents, plans for the improvement of the area, and requirements for connecting districts with each other.

We have developed a concept for the renovation of existing facilities on the projected site for the use of active population groups, as well as the Manor was not fundamentally affected, but its surroundings were made in the style corresponding to this object. On the site there are power transmission lines for various types of activities in the immediate vicinity of them, which is not allowed according to SanPiN standards, therefore this part of the site was given over to parking spaces for vehicles. The goal of the project is not just to connect individual sections within the boundaries of the design, but to create a diverse center of attraction, which includes sports, cultural, and leisure functions.

The project of public space in the area of the Zhernovka estate consists of several zones, the closest to the estate corresponds to the style, to the south of the estate there are Soviet-era industrial facilities located in the protected area of the estate. The project describes the reformation of industrial buildings in order to create a multifunctional art complex, including areas for activities, recreation and placement of public art.

The art complex is followed by a sports area that meets public needs. It includes areas for skateboarding, ball games and an area for strength training and crossfit.

The zones are united by an alley separated from it by a cycle path and a multi-level embankment designed from environmentally friendly materials designed throughout the public space. The project of the embankment reveals the potential of the landscape and fits into the project of strengthening and beautification of the Okhta coast.

In the presence of large territories, the complex can become a place of attraction not only for the adjacent residential areas, but also to attract certain groups of the population throughout the city. Also, within the framework of the design, there is a robin park with an established image, for this reason it is not affected in terms of large-scale changes, but is supplemented by bicycle and pedestrian paths to create a single walking frame in which the robin will play the role of a walking and leisure space. Also adjacent to the design site is Sosnovka Park, which, in turn, is also in demand. In order to connect the system of separate spaces for the attraction of the population, an alley along the project of Entuziastov and Kosygin is proposed in the project. It will become both a link for the parks and an efficient way to move different populations.

According to the intra-quarter: it is proposed to develop the sports part in the improvement of the area. At the moment, educational institutions with private territory are predominant. all newly designed sites are proposed to be built inside the block on free plots as an interconnected group of objects, possibly giving the adjacent part of the transport routes for a pedestrian zone with the possibility of special vehicles. Large areas of the territory along the perimeter of the quarter should be adapted for parking lots.

In the considered quarter, as in many quarters of the site, there are green areas with undeveloped paths and sites, in the project we combined them with a single concept, forming pedestrian and bicycle alleys within the area and connecting sites for different purposes with each other. The creation of intra-quarter bike paths allows you to get out alleys-bicycle paths that connect the areas with each other and with large public spaces.

With a staged organization of work, the first stage should be to build large connecting routes, later moving on to smaller routes and public spaces.

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